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Building Commissioning

Commissioning for new construction and retro-commissioning for an existing building enhances the operation and efficiency of a structure. Other benefits of commissioning can be reduced utility bills, lower maintenance cost, and typically a more comfortable and healthier environment. Call backs after start up are greatly reduced and having an advocate looking out for the owner's project requirements greatly improves the quality of construction.


Planning phase
Document owner’s project requirements and intent, develop commissioning plan if applicable. Discuss various systems and their strengths and weakness as related to the project.

Design Phase
Participate in design meetings, verify design is going to meet owner intent and budget, and write commissioning specs.

Construction phase Verify submittals meet designed equipment, verify equipment functions as required, facilitate training of building operators.

Acceptance phase
Verify that system is operating to owner’s satisfaction, provide O&M manuals, and develop electronic manuals.

Operational Phase
Review warranty, verify as-design performance and review of balancing reports.