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Whole Building Design

General Whole System Design

All good hvac designs consider the following items: room by room heat loss and heat gains in the structure to determine the equipment sizing; ventilation requirements, occupancy diversity, building usage, code requirements and owner expectations.

It would be nice if there was one vehicle that fit everybody’s needs. But of course this is not the case. This is the same situation in the hvac industry. We sit with our clients and discuss all of their options. We come to conclusions on the owner's ultimate needs and long term goals for their building to design projects that makes sense economically, environmentally, and for their occupants.

The good news and potential bad news for clients are actually the same, "Never before have clients had more options to heat and cool their buildings." The proper selection and use of this vast choice of products is paramount. This is why people turn to us. We design with integrity, we design with confidence, we design from experience.

Sample Project

Iron Mountain City Hall

From Audit to Design

  • Iron Mt.,Michigan
  • 12,000sf
  • Initial Energy Audit
  • Presenting Results
  • Designing New Systems
  • Est. Savings 35%

Easy To Maintain Systems

Energy Efficiency Cooling systems ....

Surpass Design Goals

Energy Efficiency Cooling systems ....

Building Automation Controls

R-401a and natural refrigerants to cool down any space...

Expansion and Adapability

government approved systems and tax incentives to create High performance systems