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Geothermal: Blending Science and Art for Comfort & Savings

Wisconsin Geothermal Design and Geothermal Consulting

How much do we love the design of geothermal heating and cooling systems for our customers all over the United States? Our geothermal designer and owner has a geothermal system with a horizontal loop in his home. We also understand and work with our clients on the balance of art and science which is needed for great geothermal design. Some geothermal designers, especially a one-stop shop, would have an interest in selling you as large a system as possible. As your independent geothermal HVAC design source our interest is creating the geo system with the right drilling, the right heat pumps and distribution system, and the right amount to meet the needs of your building and budget.

HVAC Design Solutions and our geothermal designer is a member of leading geothermal organizations and as a certified HVAC designer and an educator of geothermal applications to contractors, architects, and end users, we humbly believe our firm to be your best choice to begin the process of designing a geothermal system that makes financial and performance sense. From businesses and manufacturing centers to schools and homes, quality Wisconsin geothermal design is what we love to do.

In business the buzz words are "location, location, location". In geothermal system design it's "heat loss, heat loss, heat loss". Heat loss determines the size of the system, ratio of geo to supplemental heat, loop sizing, and land availability, we need to know where to put the btu’s and how many. We encourage and work with our clients to design a well insulated building with minimal heat loss so they can save money on the size of their HVAC system. Less heat loss, less need for heat, less need for more geothermal wells or loops, and that means less money.

Regional Geological Factors for Geothermal Success

Unfortunately the geothermal industry is still surrounded by misinformation and/or bad information. Midwest geothermal looping and drilling is vastly different than other regions of the United States. Sometimes geological differences can be substantial within the same project. We can assist on all aspects of a geothermal system beyond the design. Geothermal commissioning and project management assistance are also available along with our well established consulting. Untrained, or worse, unethical groups make promises to customers that simply are deceptive or ignorant. Please be careful when you are dealing with work that is performed underground. That is why having us on your side will not only give you confidence in your geothermal HVAC design, but also help with all of the elements of your project to increase the likelihood of a great geothermal HVAC project.

There is no more efficient system in the Wisconsin area than geothermal when we work together to design it properly. Like for any HVAC situation, if designed improperly prepare to be very dissatisfied. One challenge and frustration with geothermal, and a reason to work with experience, is that mistakes can be troublesome to repair. Call or email us today- we'd love to hear about your geothermal project.

Geothermal Options:

  • Open loop
  • closed loop
  • pressurized systems
  • non pressurized systems
  • vertical boring
  • directional boring
  • horizontal boring
  • pond loops
  • plate heat exchangers

We love the balance of art and science which is geothermal design.