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Kitchen Ventilation-your money eater within

Wisconsin Restaurant Kitchen Design, Consulting, Problem Solving

We are a respected leader in Wisconsin and beyond kitchen ventilation design, consulting and solutions. Commercial kitchens are notorious for climate control and energy wasting problems. Restaurant chains and owners that do not take the design, sizing, maintenance of their kitchen systems seriously pay for their behavior in many ways. One with inspectors, the other with huge energy bills, and possibly in a worst case scenario, fire. There are many reasons for this. No pre planning, wrong equipment selection, wrong rate of ventilation, improper hood sizing, improper exhaust fan sizing, improper makeup air sizing, not enough or too much makeup air and more.

Restaurants change hands and it's assumed the kitchen fan design will perform properly for an Italian restaurant as it did for Chinese cuisine. Not necessarily so as they have entirely different requirements, that without proper sizing and design will result in improper ventilation, uncomfortable climate, and huge energy costs.

For your existing or new restaurant project in Wisconsin or beyond, we are your first call to create a great kitchen that meets the tough Wisconsin code, will keep employees comfortable, and won't eat up your cash flow. A restaurant fan troubleshooting expert, give us a call for new and existing kitchen fan problems.

General Restaurant Kitchen Challenges

  • Improper Hood Sizing
  • Appliances Poorly Located
  • Maximize Capture and Containment of Effluents

    Reducing your exhaust by as little as 20% can save nearly 50% of exhaust costs. Real money