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Our HVAC Design Services

Geothermal Design, Consulting and Training

How much do we love geothermal? Our owner has a geothermal system in his home. Our team understands and respects the difficult balance of art and science which is needed for great geothermal design. Does your system really need to be designed for 100% of all possible weather extremes? Or are there other alternatives that will save you money? What type of drilling or looping will work best for your project? Vertical, horizontal boring, vertical looping- all these questions and more need to be clearly thought out and discussed. For geothermal for schools, businesses, or homes, we humbly say we are a respected leader and provide great assistance to succesful geothermal projects and consulting processes.

Commercial Kitchen Ventilation Design and Consulting

Kitchen ventilation design and troubleshooting is one of our specialties. Kitchen fans and HVAC for restaurants can consume up to 40% of the total energy usage but restaurants often do not spend the time and thought into making their restaurant kitchens efficient and comfortable. Kitchens are notorious for climate control issues and typically known as energy hogs. We design and can consult nationally to restaurants to help control a major cost for restaurant owners.

System Specific- Hybrid Systems and Mini Split Systems

For people who know what they are looking for, we can design owners a specific system. From mini split systems to hybrid hydronics and more, we are familiar with all of the types of systems that can create comfort and save you money on your heating and cooling bills. We also take the time to talk with owners and present their many options. HVAC design is not independent of the rest of the design of the building and we take great care to provide an HVAC design that will be sized right.

Whole System Design

All good hvac designs consider the following items: room by room heat loss and heat gains in the structure to determine the equipment sizing; ventilation requirements, occupancy diversity, building usage, code requirements and owner expectations. We gladly work with all stake holders and take into consideration all products and elements of building design to match your HVAC system to your building. Working together makes for great HVAC and home and commercial mechanical systems.

Consulting & Training

Projects sometimes need an impartial set of eyes. We often consult for major projects all over the United States and beyond. We can perform design reviews, present potential retrofit scenarios, energy evaluations and audits, guidance on geothermal system and geothermal drilling, mini-split systems and more. If your project needs HVAC-geothermal, mini split or hybrid system consulting help, we are at your service.

Commissioning & Retrofitting

Commissioning for new construction and retro-commissioning for an existing building enhances the operation and efficiency of a structure. We can perform retro-commissioning, LEED commissioning, or general commissioning services for all mechanical systems. Refrigeration, core and shell, geothermal looping, HVAC, roofing- the list of systems that benefit from commissioning is nearly endless. Owners are realizing the benefits of having contractors and subcontractors work double checked.


Energy efficiency, green buildings, and improved indoor air quality are achieved by verifying the design and operation of the systems and also by making clients aware of alternative building systems and equipment options. We often perform audits, hvac reviews, and energy analysis for all types of projects. We often speak to large audiences and love to present financial and retrofit scenarios to leaders of businesses, schools, or communities that are committed to saving money and saving energy. There are massive energy saving opportunities in nearly every industry. We take the stress out of the toughest first step: starting.